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Carol Cassidy’s Mulberry Farm Collection is the culmination of over ten year of efforts by more than 350 farming village in the Northeast region of Laos to revive the nearly extinct, age-old Lao traditions of silk farming and weaving.


The Mulberry Farm Collection exemplifies the natural beauty of hand grown and hand spun Lao silk. The luminous sophisticated colors combined with the weight, natural texture and durability characteristic of Lao silk make Mulberry Farm Collection uniquely beautiful silks.

The Mulberry Farm Collection uses a wide palette of rich-hued, long-lasting colors.  One of the hallmarks of the collection is custom-colors of every facet of the color spectrum from earth and jewel tones to brights and iridescents.

Carol Cassidy’s Mulberry Farm Collection is not only exquisite silk accessories, but also provides sustenance to families engaged in non-mechanized silk farming and weaving in Laos.