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Lao Textiles invites you to become a venue for the traveling exhibition Weaving Tradition: Carol Cassidy and Woven Silks of Laos. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience beautiful traditional and contemporary textiles from the country of Laos as well as the superb textiles created by Carol Cassidy, an internationally known weaver and designer who is inspired by traditional Lao weaving techniques and design motifs. The exhibition contains 60 textile pieces plus interpretive material and a working loom for demonstrations. A 160-page catalog with 110 color photos and illustrations provides additional didactic material and a detailed documentation of the exhibition.  Rental periods are available through December 2006.

Curator for the exhibition is Dorothy Twining Globus, renowned former curator of the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design and past director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, both in New York City. Dorothy devoted 18 months to the Weaving Tradition exhibition and is currently curator at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City.

Weaving Tradition is comprised of two main sections. The first features nineteenth- and twentieth century textiles created by ethnic groups throughout Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos). The individual objects and narrative text introduce viewers to the weaving techniques, design motifs, and cultural purposes of Lao textiles. Pieces created by contemporary Lao weaving studios document the resurgence of handweaving, and how Lao weavers have both continued and transformed the country's weaving traditions.

Textiles designed and made by Carol Cassidy and her staff are showcased in the second section of the exhibition. An American weaver who has lived in Vientiane since 1989, Cassidy was a consultant for the United Nations Development Program. Her studio has been a catalyst in reinvigorating the Laotian silk and weaving industries. Directly inspired by traditional Lao textiles, Cassidy has crafted a broad range of contemporary pieces, from complex wall hangings to sumptuous shawls and scarves.

Browse a detailed description of the exhibition, an overview of the requirements,  and representative images at the following links:

Exhibition Notes
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If your institution is interested in hosting this exhibition, please contact us at info@laotextiles.com.

We look forward to having your institution as a venue for Weaving Tradition: Carol Cassidy and Woven Silks of Laos.