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Produced in the remote northern Cambodian province of Preah Vihear, Carol Cassidy’s Cambodia Collection accessories are expertly dyed, woven, and finished by hand, from 100% silk. Cambodia Collection scarves, shawls, sarongs and other accessories offer traditionally inspired Cambodian patterns, with vibrant up-to-the-minute palettes.  The colors are striking, the texture subtle. Cambodia Collection products are hand finished in a variety of sizes.  The result: a superlative product, as unique and enduring as the artists themselves.

Though land-mine victims of Cambodia's decades-long civil war, the artisans of Preah Vihear are using their skills to build a positive and hopeful future.  Drawing upon a rich regional heritage of weaving, they are revitalizing their community for a better tomorrow.



Highly skilled artisans carefully dye each hank of silk yarn to predetermined colors, selected and updated regularly for today’s fashions. First the yarn is washed and prepared to accept the dyes evenly. Then it is carefully dyed using high quality dyes and precise time and temperature-controlled procedures.


First, the warp is affixed to the end of the loom, opposite the end where the weaver sits. The warp is stretched the length of the loom, through heddles (to make the shape of the woven item) and through the beater.  The beater is used to push the silk thread into place on the finished product.

Started in 1998 with five women, the project today employs over 80 farmers, spinners, dyers, weavers and finishers.  The project has a complete dye shop and modern section warping system with 38 looms.  Each Cambodia Collection product is finished by hand.   The Preah Vihear project contributes to sustainable income for the artisans.  With the income from the project, the community has built homes with electricity, clean water, and put their children through school.