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December 1, 2004

By Jennifer O’Brien

Textile designer Carol Cassidy, a Woodbury native, returned to her hometown recently bearing a treasure trove of hand-woven silk from her latest project, The Weaving Studio at Preah Vihear, Cambodia. Ms. Cassidy gave a presentation on the workings of the studio, which trains land mine victims in the art of silk weaving and employs them at a high wage, and offered a great number of the silk scarves, shawls and other textiles they produce for sale. The event was hosted by Linda Hagen and Adele Taylor at the Hagen home in Woodbury. (O'Brien photos)


Nancy Wilmot (left) and Ann Elise Lindgren of Naugatuck shopped from a table in the home of Linda Hagen in Woodbury overflowing with fine handwoven silk scarves on November 18. The scarves are from the Cambodia Collection, designed by Woodbury native Carol Cassidy and crafted by Cambodian women in The Weaving Studio at Preah Vihear. Anyone interested in shopping through the selections offered by Carol Cassidy's International Textiles may visit www.international-textiles.com or contact Frances Cassidy, manager, at 203-266-9254.